How to Patch Auto Dings

When your car paint gets chipped, there is a major risk of rusting. If the chip has exposed the metal underneath, you want to fix it as soon as possible. Even if you do not plan to repaint your car on your own, you should at least learn how to patch the hole to prevent further rusting. This article explains how to patch chips in car paint to make them water and rust proof.

Prep the Area First

Patching small chips is easy, but you do need to prep the area before you patch it. First, you will need to invest in some auto body sandpaper. This is very similar to wood sandpaper, but it is much smoother. It is also wet sandpaper, meaning it needs to be wet during the sanding. Just keep a small cup of water nearby so you can dip the paper to keep it moist. The moisture helps lubricate the sandpaper so it does not scratch the delicate car paint too much. The point of sanding first is to lightly rough up the surface of the paint. The auto patch will not bond well with shiny car paint. Just sand the area until the glossy finish is removed; don't try to sand off the actual paint color.

Patching with Auto Body Filler

Auto body filler is a bit hard to work with because it is quite sticky and it dries quickly. Also, you need to mix in the putty with hardener right before you apply it. This means you need to work fast. Use a small plastic putty knife to spread the filler over the chip in the paint. You can even use your fingers on smaller holes. Try to spread the filler so it is as flat and clean as possible before it dries. But don't worry if the patch is not perfect because you will need to sand it again anyway.

Sand the Patched Area

The final step is to sand the patched area. Use the wet sandpaper to shape the patch so it is perfectly flat (or matches the curve in the car body). This will take some very delicate sanding, so don't press down too hard.

Now your car surface will be sealed and protected against water damage and rusting. You can then go on to paint the patch yourself or you can take it to an auto body shop for a professional paint job. Look for car maintenance by Accurate Transmission & Auto Centre Ltd or another establishment in your area for further help.